La Location


The elegant village of Belgirate is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore and perched on the slopes of the Motta Rossa hill, which gives it a dominant position on the enchanting Borromean Gulf. Located just 5 km from Stresa, Belgirate enjoys an excellent coastal location that has made it a sought-after holiday resort already during the nineteenth century, so much so that illustrious personalities and writers such as De Amicis, D'annunzio, stayed there. Goethe, Fogazzaro, Rosmini, Hemingway, Wagner, Stendhal and many others. The public transport service offers you an exclusive tourist service connecting to the Borromean Islands and other places of interest. Numerous paths will give you the opportunity to walk and get to know the surrounding area while admiring enchanting views. On the elegant and modern lakeside promenade you will be fascinated by the many historic villas dating back to the 19th century, one of the attractions of Belgirate. Their presence is due to the famous people who in the past have sought hospitality in this beautiful village on Lake Maggiore. The calendar of this location is really rich. The events range from classical music concerts, to painting and photography exhibitions, to theater, dance and poetry evenings. Did you know that the toad (sciatt, in the local language) is the totem animal of Belgirate whose inhabitants are called sciattin or sciatin? Yes, this is because in the matter of symbolic meanings few other animals show an overlap of positive and negative values ​​such as the toad. If you want to know more and see the monument dedicated to him, you must come and visit us!